Josefa Palacios

Josefa Palacios es socióloga de la Universidad Católica de Chile y máster en Epidemiología de la misma universidad. Estudió también en Francia un máster en Salud Pública y un doctorado en Ciencias Políticas.

The experience of caring for an older relative in Chile: going beyond the burden of care.

Abstract Care in Chile, as in most Latin American countries, remains largely the responsibility of female family members in informal…

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Enablers and barriers to implement COVID-19 measures in long-term care facilities: a mixed methods implementation science assessment in Chile.

Abstract Background: As elsewhere, in Chile the COVID-19 affected disproportionately older people, and particularly people living in long-term care facilities. Considering…

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Constraints that discourage participation in the labour market by female carers of older relatives in Santiago, Chile

Abstract Providing care for older people who have support needs is mainly a familial and female responsibility in Chile. Despite…

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Alejandra Letelier

Alejandra Letelier es PhD en epidemiología y salud pública de la University College London, MSc en salud pública dental de la University College London y cirujano dentista de la Universidad de los Andes. Actualmente es profesora adjunta de la Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia.

Bridging Human Rights and Social Determinants of Health in the southern cone: Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Abstract Purpose The purpose of this paper is to do a systematic assessment and testing of identified human rights norms…

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Lifetime socioeconomic determinants of health trajectories among older adults

Abstract Drawing on life course theory and research, we explored how socioeconomic circumstances during childhood and adulthood shape self-reported health…

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